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Influenced in Catholic grade school by the likes of Homer, Hopper, and Wyeth, Brian is a self-taught artist who expresses himself in the American tradition of great painting. His work has been called representational, but it also appeals to emotion and spirituality through subtle yet powerful abstraction. Brian subscribes to the concept that the true reality is in the memory, not in the literal rendition of a subject, calling his style Emotional Realism.

“I strive to create a space in which the viewer can enter, occupy, and be comfortable,” explained Brian. “Not a lonely place, but a quiet place. My paintings generally depict real locations, but that doesn't seem to matter. People from all parts of the world identify with my subjects according to a time and place relevant only to themselves. When that occurs, I have succeeded.”

Brian considers himself somewhat of a detached observer. Even in a crowd he can step back and become immersed in the essence of the moment, distill it down to its essentials and capture an emotional snapshot. Back in the studio, these become paintings.

A regular participant in national shows, Brian’s originals and limited edition fine prints can be found in collections from Nova Scotia to California. He maintains his own studio/gallery near Monument, CO which is open by appointment only.